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Trust, but verify

Working with 23andMe exome data: my CF allele and the need for verification

This informative blog post from Dr. Jung Choi at Georgia Tech discusses how to use free, publicly available bioinformatics tools to interpret new exome sequence data from 23andMe. The post includes a response from 23andMe in the comments.

Some of the bioinformatics tools that Dr. Choi uses are:

The post highlights the challenges of mapping gene-protein interactions when reporting results.


The Impact of Open Access and Social Media on Scientific Research


The Impact of Open Access and Social Media on Scientific Research

Summary: Participatory medicine flourishes where there is an unimpeded flow of information. Open and freely available access to medical research improves outcomes and empowers e-patients. Traditionally, research papers undergo peer review before publication. Two trends, open access and social media, are changing the peer review process.

I wrote this article to learn more about the peer review process. Since the article was peer-reviewed, I learned more than I expected. The article was recently published in the Journal of Participatory Medicine.