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Journal publications

Pickard, KT. Exploring Markets of Data for Personal Health Information. IEEE International Conference on Data Mining. 2014 Dec. PDF PDF  Publisher link  Supplemental files

Pickard, KT and Swan, M. Big Desire to Share Big Health Data: A Shift in Consumer Attitudes toward Personal Health Information. AAAI 2014 Spring Symposia: Big Data Becomes Personal: Knowledge into Meaning. 2014 Mar.  PDF PDF  Publisher link  Supplemental files

Pickard, KT. Impact of open access and social media on scientific research. J Participat Med. 2012 Jul 18; 4:e15.  PDF PDF  Publisher link


Crowdfunding Personal Genomics – Invited talk

DIY Genomics: One Family’s Journey – Invited talk
Video  Slides

Our -Omics Odyssey (Family Trio Sequencing in Autism) – Invited talk

Exploring Markets of Data for Personal Health Information – Invited talk
Slides  Supplemental files  Paper

Big Desire to Share Big Health Data: A Shift in Consumer Attitudes toward Personal Health Information
Slides  Supplemental files  Paper

Restless Legs Syndrome and Niacin Study #2

Restless Legs Syndrome Self-Tracking Study
Video  Slides

What Happened to the Chart in My Doctor’s Office? (Electronic Health Records)

Poster sessions

Pickard, KT. Compression of Personal Genome Project DNA Datasets. JGI Microbial Genomics and Metagenomics Workshop. 2009 Feb.  PDF PDF

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