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Guest posts

Journal publications

  • Guruacharya A, Golden JR, Garrett D, Atnoor D, Srinivasan S, Ratan U, Pickard KT. Multi-omics analysis of renal clear cell carcinoma progression. medRxiv. 2022 Nov.
    PDF PDF  Supplemental files  Publisher link
  • Pickard, KT and Swan, M. Big Desire to Share Big Health Data: A Shift in Consumer Attitudes toward Personal Health Information. AAAI 2014 Spring Symposia: Big Data Becomes Personal: Knowledge into Meaning. 2014 Mar.  
      Supplemental files  Publisher link
  • Pickard, KT. Impact of Open Access and Social Media on Scientific Research. J Participat Med. 2012 Jul 18; 4:e15.
    PDF PDF  Publisher link


  • Crowdfunding Personal Genomics – Invited talk
  • DIY Genomics: One Family’s Journey – Invited talk
    Video  Slides
  • Our -Omics Odyssey (Family Trio Sequencing in Autism) – Invited talk
  • Restless Legs Syndrome and Niacin Study #2
  • Restless Legs Syndrome Self-Tracking Study
    Video  Slides
  • What Happened to the Chart in My Doctor’s Office? (Electronic Health Records)

Poster sessions

  • Pickard, KT. Compression of Personal Genome Project DNA Datasets. JGI Microbial Genomics and Metagenomics Workshop. 2009 Feb.

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